The challenge for telecoms is to keep their customers happy with the spectrum of services, their quality and cost-efficiency. In an intensively transforming environment for telecom activities (due to 5G/6G, AI, cloud / edge, …), facing such challenges requires demanding work and analysis of the data collected by the operator for customer services usage and behavior.

Design decisions about new products and personalized offers should be made with knowledge, targeting and speed. Main prerequisite is the immediate and up-to-date understanding of the profile and usage needs each customer individually, at the selection (or negotiation) phase of the product that best meets these needs and at the offer formulation phase that the customer can accept, while ensuring the greatest possible benefit for the provider and customer satisfaction. The required data, come from the customer and the network, concern his service payload under its contract, the quality features of the service, the customer’s transactions with the company and the competitive price plans.

From the customer profiling phase to the creation of an offer and its communication to the customer, the decision cycle must be short in time but also continuous, repetitive, and agile. Effort and analysis tools should be able not evolve and adapt dynamically to data and conditions, as well as to include automation to support the decision support process.

At Neurocom, the knowledge and experience in telecom BSS/OSS, and its products for price and commission managementt are integrated into the AutoSPrice project platform, tailored to the needs of an integrated automated data pipeline for revenue and customer value management throughout the customer lifecycle, which in real time responds appropriately to the involved sales channel.

Utilizing machine learning algorithms, flow and large data processing environments (big data) in a cloud native architecture, Neurocom is implementing and continuously advancing the AutoSprice platform, by applying continuous and agile development and deployment practices (CI / CD). By analyzing customer usage and behavior data, the project is achieving:

  • The prediction of the network and services usage by a customer (individual, or group contract) in the short and medium term, and his/her ability and willingness to accept a tariff scenario,
  • Identification of product and price offers that optimise and balance customer satisfaction between the profitability of the provider and the reduced churn probability
  • The integration and visualisation of analysis results into customer support, sales, BSS/OSS functions, in a practical and easy-to-use way, to serve different scenarios within the telecom, such as product management, network commission analysis, customer relation management, call center support and elsewhere.

The AutoSprice project is at the core of the evolution of Neurocom's new generation products, aligned with the needs of the transformation of telecoms, based on the new services and multi-partner environment in the world of 5G, IoT, FTH and edge computing.

AutoSPRice research project has been co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (project code:T2EDK-04119)

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