AutoSprice, exploits AI, big data and cloud technology to integrate existing tariff and commission management products of Neurocom into a unique, automated and agile data pipeline that delivers

  • Predictive customer usage and profiling
  • Optimised selection of products and prices offered
  • Commission Calculation and Handling

With the goal to advance competitiveness of telecom services in the complex and transforming telecom environment of ultra-high-speed networks, 5G/6G for digitalized services across all activities, AutoSprice delivers:

reliable customer relation management

through personalized product and price offers, that exhibit updated knowledge of the call agent about the actual and predictive usage and behavior for a given contract, upon specific offerings

corporate wealth

assured by the direct and uptodate knowledge about customer profiles, tariff scenarios, analytical results from matching proposals to needs and willingness to accept per customer, comparison analysis of competitive offers applied on the customer base, considering also revenue benefit assessment and optimization for the telecom

customer satisfaction

assured by offering proposals that are constructed based on justified knowledge of usage needs and behavioral analysis results corresponding to the changing market conditions

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